Friday, March 23, 2012

#4 Steuben's Food Service - Denver, Colorado

On the evening of Monday March 19th at an early evening “meet and greet” for the Denver conference, I found out that my colleagues AJ and Lynn from Wisconsin had a rental car for the week. I thought to myself, “Hmm, this could be a great way to catch all the spots on my list, if I could convince them to drive me.” I told them about my Triple D food adventures, and it didn’t take much to talk them into agreeing to drive about 6 miles west of the hotel for my Denver Triple D stop #2: Steuben’s Food Service  This was going to be two Triple D stops in one day! Awesome!!

After the meet and greet we got in the rental car, plugged the addressed into the GPS headed out for dinner. It was about 8pm by the time we got there and we were originally told it would be a 20 minute wait to sit outside on the patio under the heaters. I told the hostess that I was there for a Triple D and blogging about my experiences and she and her co-hostess seemed enthusiastic about it. Next thing you know, we’re being seated within 5 minutes in an inside booth. Sweet! Steuben’s is a converted old mechanic’s garage, and is really a cool place. Once you are inside, you would never know that it used to be an old garage. The décor is clean, hip and the crowd seemed to also fit that bill. It appeared to be a bit of a hot spot for young 20 and 30-something hipsters.

At the table, water was served in what appeared to be an old vodka bottle. That was cool.  The waiter was pretty attentive, but obviously he had lots of tables in his section because the service was not real quick before we could order and getting refills of water took a while. But those are minor complaints. It really was a fun atmosphere. AJ is on a gluten free diet, and the waiter immediately brought him a gluten free menu. I ordered an appetizer of fried cheese (in honor of my Wisconsin friends) and AJ (originally from Chicago) ordered a Chicago-style hotdog without a bun as his appetizer. It came with all the genuine fixin’s including the green relish, tomato slices, cucumbers, pickle slice, sport peppers, onions and celery salt (all in little side dishes for his gluten free dog). The fried cheese was lightly breaded mozzarella, served with a marinara sauce. Kind of like a mozzarella stick, but better. While it was not what I expected (I’m not sure what I thought it was going to be), it was quite good.

For the entrée course, I ordered the Lobster Roll and fries ($20), because that was what Guy featured on the show. It was made with a generous portion of freshly flown-in Maine lobster and a light mayo dressing inside a crispy white bread bun like a hotdog bun. The lobster roll was delicious and right up there with the same dish I’ve eaten in Maine a few times. The fries were thin-cut, seasoned just right and not greasy at all. AJ got the lobster roll without the bun and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lynn ordered the herb roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies (the other dish that Guy featured on the show). It was a chicken breast, thigh and drumstick. She gave me a taste of some of the breast meat and wow! It was “the bomb!” Chock full of flavor, moist and juicy. I would get that next time.

We were all very impressed with the quality of the food, the atmosphere and the staff at Steuben’s. Not quite the “mom and pop” feel of The Bagel Deli where I went for lunch, but this is definitely a place I would go to again, when I am in Denver.

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