Friday, March 23, 2012

#7 Bang! - Denver, Colorado

Thursday March 22nd, was the last day of the business meeting in Denver. The meeting ended at noon and my flight was not scheduled to leave until 5:55pm. I went up to my room to pack my bag and get ready to leave, when I decided to check to see if there was another nearby spot that I might be able to convince AJ to drive to before going to the airport. Sure enough, “Bang!” was about 9 miles west of the Double Tree. It didn’t take much convincing to get AJ and Lynn up for one last Triple D adventure.  I think I’ve made Triple D converts of them!

We plugged the address into the GPS and drove past downtown on the highway and past Mile High Stadium, and exited off into the quaint little Victorian neighborhood where we found “Bang!” around 1:45pm. First impression was that it was a cool little building. Look in the front window and you see the kitchen. Not tables and patrons, but the staff cooking. Cool. A sign on the front window directs patrons to a narrow alleyway between buildings where the entrance is in the back patio. That’s very cool. There were a few people sitting out back in the patio and we were asked by the host if we wanted sit inside or outside. Even though it was nice outside, the indoor seating looked really interesting with artwork and colorful décor. We seemed to arrive just after the lunch rush as there was a large party who left soon after we sat down. We pretty much had the place to ourselves and I was diggin’ the vibe of the place “Indie rock” music was playing on the radio in the background. I heard Vampire Weekend and the Shins being played as well as a few other cool new bands.

Our young waitress was very friendly and attentive.  Lynn ordered the Po Boy sandwich and said it was very good.  She liked the soft bread and shrimp cooked just right. AJ got a gluten free menu and ordered salmon served on a bed of rice, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

From the Triple D episode, I knew right away that I wanted to order the gumbo with jalapeno corn bread, which is what Guy had. It was a little different than other gumbo dishes I’ve had, and probably not 100% traditional compared to Louisiana Cajun gumbo, but it was still amazing. The shrimp was tender and cooked perfectly, the sausage was flavorful, the pieces of chopped chicken added some nice texture and the sauce was deep, rich and spicy, but not much of a kick.  The lack of a strong kick was a little disappointing, but more than made up for just in terms of the rich flavor. The jalapeño cornbread was also delicious  and light. Served like a big slice of bread, it had a nice crispness to it on the outside, but moist on the inside and just a little hint of jalapeño flavor.  

After a very enjoyable meal, the waitress asked if we wanted to see the desert menu. The other two passed, but I had read about the gingerbread reviews and had to try it for myself. It was served warm like a big piece of cake with a huge dollop of whip cream on the side. I could smell the warm gingerbread before it even got to the table… Without a doubt the best gingerbread I have ever had!

As the last stop on my four-day, 5 Triple D spot Denver adventure, I would definitely recommend going out of your way to get a bite at “Bang!” This is just a really cool little jem of a restaurant far from the touristy areas of town and a great way to finish off the Denver trip. By the way... Guy was actually at this place - see the stamp!

My only regret about hitting 5 triple D spots in four days is that the kids weren’t with me and neither was Teresa. So, I stretched the intent of my quest for the family to hit as many spots as possible, but now I have included some of my close colleagues and new friends in my “Hunt’s Triple D Food Adventures”. I also know that I made at least a few more people excited about the idea of following Guy Fieri’s lead in seeking out Diners, Drive-ins and Dives when they are on a road trip.

The adventure will continue. We've still got 9 more places to go in Maryland, so those are next on the agenda.

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